State of the Art microsurgical procedures using your own tissue without muscle sacrifice

Bare Chested Model Covering Breasts With Arms

Dr. Granzow routinely uses microsurgery to perform DIEP flaps and other advanced methods of breast reconstruction which minimize damage to the patient’s own body. These procedures represent the latest and most advanced types of breast reconstruction.

The DIEP flap method of breast reconstruction (along with the similar SIEA flap) use skin and fat from the abdomen, which is similar to that which can be removed in an abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) to create the natural look and feel of a native breast while minimizing harm to the abdominal muscles.

Dr. Granzow does not only perform the reconstruction of a breast lost to cancer. He also takes time to carefully shape the reconstructed tissue to maximize the appearance of both the breast and abdomen for the finest aesthetic result possible.

The overall goal is a breast reconstruction with an appearance that approximates the look and feel of a breast lift and tummy tuck.

Dr. Granzow routinely performs these advanced procedures in private hospitals here in California. He is an experienced microsurgeon who has performed up to 6 microsurgery flaps per week as part of a Board Certified Plastic Surgery team which averages over 100 DIEP, SIEA and GAP flap procedures per year.

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DIEP / SIEA flap
Drawing Showing A Skin Flap Lifted On Breast and The Areas Where Skin Is Removed for ReconstructionDrawing Showing A Skin Flap Lifted While Medical Scissors Cut Into BreastAnatomy of Torso Showing DIEP or SIEA flaps Used for Breast Reconstruction

The abdominal skin and fat are used to recreate a natural appearing breast. Using the DIEP or SIEA flaps greatly decreases trauma to the abdominal muscles and minimizes later abdominal weakness, bulging or hernia.