Since Dr. Granzow performs many highly specialized procedures performed by few other physicians in America, we see many patients who normally live outside the Los Angeles area.

Our first commitment is to patient care. We know that travel outside of many patients’ home areas may be difficult and are happy to assist with referrals for specialized physicians living and practicing in other cities close to a patient’s home.

However, as the number of physicians performing many of our procedures is quite limited, we are happy to help you plan your visit. The following information will assist you in making a trip to Los Angeles as safe and comfortable as possible.

For involved procedures like microsurgical breast reconstruction with perforator flaps, patients should allow for about a stay in the Los Angeles area for about 2 weeks. Subsequent second stage or other procedures usually require visits of not more than a few days. The exact length of the stay required will be dictated by each individual patient’s needs and procedures.

List of Accomodations and Hotels

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