“I put these photos side by side and WOW!”

“I put these photos side by side and WOW!!! I thought my leg looked amazing after the SAPL, I had NO idea the VLNT & LVA would make this much of a difference and it’s only been one year! I know these surgeries will continue to improve over the next couple years and I just can’t imagine my leg getting even better?! The progress my leg has made is unreal, it has changed the quality of my life on so many levels. I literally can’t stop thanking you and sharing my progress. I’m beyond happy I continued on with the VLNT & LVA after the SAPL . . . You and your team are truly the BEST.”

“Hello Dr. Granzow, just wanted to say that I’m loving my new leg!”

Hello Dr. Granzow, just wanted to say that I’m loving my new leg! As you will see in the picture, I’m wearing a dress — that isn’t a maxi! I haven’t felt comfortable to show my legs in over a decade. I feel so liberated!
It’s been five months [since SAPL surgery] and my leg is continuing to do great and even shrink a little. I’m so happy with the results! Thank you, thank you!
Hope all is well with you and the team.

“I have enjoyed a full day at the beach compression free…”

I have enjoyed a full day at the beach compression free, pain free and SO happy!!!!!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“My leg just continues to improve and so does the quality of my life.”

I’m going to keep thanking you. I LOVE wearing my skinny jeans and wearing any shoes that I want. My leg just continues to improve and so does the quality of my life. I have not felt this happy emotionally and physically in years.

I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me and that you are doing for others. I look so forward to seeing you for my follow up on September 12th! Hope all of you are doing good and sending hugs!!

“Your organization and unlimited skills are only an added bonus for Dr. Granzow and his patients.”

From my dinning room light I have little hanging tags with the names of special people in my life who have blessed me. This Thanksgiving I have added your name and Dr. Granzow. I am so humbled by your generosity but mostly by your compassion and abundant caring. It is only by grace that I found you and have this gift of better health given to me. I will cherish it everyday. Shayla, you are such a tender hearted person who is the very special connection to my healing. Your organization and unlimited skills are only an added bonus for Dr. Granzow and his patients.

“I cannot recommend him highly enough!!!”

“I had a hard time only choosing three attributes to associate with Dr. Granzow. I have never worked with a doctor who was so detail oriented and thorough. I never knew I could breathe this well and he was extremely attentive and caring. Due to my extremely positive experience I have many friends and family members now considering procedures that they had long put off for fear of not having someone like Dr. Granzow care for them. I cannot recommend him highly enough!!!”

“I am happy and confident for really the first time ever!”

“I used to look at clothes shopping with dread. My biggest fear was maxi dresses and palazzo pants going out of style! I hadn’t worn a pair of jeans in 15 years, and knee high boots were a dream of mine that I thought would never happen! Thanks to Dr. Granzow, look at me now!! I look completely changed on the outside, but what is even more important, is that I have changed profoundly on the inside. I am happy and confident for really the first time ever! I owe this all to Dr. Granzow and his amazing team!”

“I feel normal and am proud of the way I look for the first time in years.”

“Dear Dr. Granzow, Today marks one year since my surgery to remove lymphatic fluid from my leg. I want to thank you for your expertise and your ability to perform surgery to reduce my left leg. My life has been amazing since that surgery. I feel normal and am proud of the way I look for the first time in years. God blessed you with a gift to work in this field, not only in skill but in having the personality, as well, to instill confidence in your patients and then pull them through this very stressful and difficult time. I knew God would take care of me but it had to be in His own time. He made this all possible through you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Thank you Dr. Granzow for your compassion, attention to detail and amazing skill!”

Read Karen’s Success Story from the Los Angeles Times “Breast Cancer” Supplement

“I will be forever grateful to the life changing surgeries I received from Dr. Granzow…”

” I can’t believe it is one year ago I had my LVA/VLNT surgeries!!! I am feeling very well. I can go without garments at night which feels so great. . . . I am back to doing all the activities I used to do before Lymphedema. I will be forever grateful to the life changing surgeries I received from Dr. Granzow and his fantastic team of caregivers. . . . YOU are the best!”

Patient Cards

testim_plaque“In recognition of all your hard work and dedication as a professional. You are truly appreciated. Thank You!”

“Dear Dr. Granzow, I can’t thank you enough for doing my surgery. You have no idea (well maybe) how happy I am. I have hated my nose since preschool. What you did was soooo very kind. Words and gifts can’t express my thanks to you. You have changed my whole life to be very positive. Thank you again soooo much.”

“Jay, Thank you and your staff for taking such wonderful care of me during my recent surgery. You know it was a success when I find myself saying “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” Truth is I was always so busy, as I know you can relate to. Can’t thank you enough. ”

“Dr. Granzow, We just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We believe you are truly a blessing sent to us, and I am so thankful that you were there. Thank you again, you’re amazing.”


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” Dear Jay, I have found in my life that it is much easier to complain if one is not happy versus taking the time to say thank you when a job is well done. Well, thank you so much for your attention to detail and your meticulous hand in surgery. I have never been cut in my life and I appreciate your care, concern, and follow up. ”

“Thank you for all your beautiful art work, you changed my life.”

“Dr. Jay, I don’t know if you realize it, but you are an incredible doctor. This is not stated with the intention of flattery of exaggeration. It is a fact. Your very talented surgical skills combined with the abundant amounts of compassion and care that you gave to me enabled the entire experience to progress very smoothly and positively. I know that many of these qualities that you possess are something that cannot be taught but come from within. You are a wonderful person. I just wanted to express to you how much I appreciate the fact that you helped my life go from having the emotional and physical trauma of breast cancer to one of pure joy and success. For these reasons I send you my deepest gratitude and appreciation for making the quality of my life better then what I could have wished for.”

“Dear Dr. Granzow, Many thanks to you and your staff for the excellent care and treatment I’ve received. You’ll have my gratitude always in all you’ve done and how it touched my life. May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do.”

“Dr. Granzow, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I could not be happier with the results! The only regret I have, is I wish I would have done the surgery sooner than I did (even though I know I am still young). Everything looks great and the recovery has been fairly easy. I appreciate how you pay such close attention to details, so I know I am in good hands when it comes to the way I will look down the road. Again, I cannot thank you enough, and have a great holiday season. ”

“Dear Dr. Granzow, When I started working to have breast reconstruction, I had no idea what a challenge it would be to find someone I was comfortable with and then to navigate the insurance issues. You and your staff have been so wonderful and helpful. I just want you to know that I appreciate it. In many of our local native cultures the bear is the symbol of strength and healing- it seems to fit.”

“Dr. Granzow, I will always be grateful that you wanted more for me than I wanted for myself. I know my surgery wasn’t easy but I would do it all over again. Your attention to detail is amazing, yet I remember how kind and respectful you were to my family. I will always be grateful to you for everything and if there is anything I can help with (talking to patients) let me know. My family and I wish you a joyous holiday season”

“Dear Dr. “Jay”, Four months after the fact I wanted to write you a thank you for your gracious, compassionate and truly excellent care of my mother. Your long hours at the hospital watching her are very much appreciated. I’m not sure what would have happened had you not been her doctor! The whole family-my sister Dian and Mom and Dad do truly appreciate your care. Blessings on you!”