Cindy’s Story

Prior Surgery attempted elsewhere:
Left leg VLNT taken from right neck donor site

Left leg Granzow SAPLSM
Right leg Granzow SAPLSM

Cindy is from Illinois and had chronic congenital lymphedema in both legs. She first noticed swelling in her left leg following a minor medical procedure in 2010. Before seeing Dr. Granzow, Cindy sought advice from many medical centers and experts but experienced little improvement. She had a lymph node transfer performed elsewhere two years prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, but her lymphedema symptoms continued to worsen afterwards. Before she first saw Dr. Granzow, she gained 50 pounds due to limited range of motion of her leg causing significant exercise limitations. Following Granzow SAPLSM surgery, she is very happy with the results and feeling good without lymphedema pain.

Red circle indicates scar from previous VLNT taken from neck – surgery performed elsewhere

“My life was spiraling downward for a few years with my lymphedema. I had a very hard time getting around and doing everyday chores, as both of my legs were affected with lymphedema. Most days I used my hands to lift my legs getting into the car. I searched day after day trying to find help on-line. One day I read about Dr. Granzow, and made a phone call! The phone call that changed my life. Dr. Granzow is an honest and trustworthy Dr. My life has been much better since my surgeries. Dr. Granzow and Julie Soderberg, P.T. are a great team! I would highly recommend!”

Cindy’s Results


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