Elizabeth’s Story

Phase 1: Right leg Granzow SAPLSM
Phase 2: Right leg VLNT, LVAs

Elizabeth lives in Colorado. She developed stage 2 lymphedema in 2015 following treatment for ovarian cancer with a hysterectomy, removal of both ovaries and lymph node dissection. Prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, Elizabeth was very concerned about getting more cellulitis infections and developing worsening symptoms. Following Granzow SAPLSM, VLNT and LVA surgeries, she no longer has fears about cellulitis infections and is happy about the regular appearance of her leg and reduced symptoms and compression garment use.

“I can’t believe it is one year ago I had my LVA/VLNT surgeries!!! I am feeling very well. I can go without garments at night which feels so great. I am back to doing all the activities I used to do before lymphedema. I will be forever grateful for the life changing surgeries I received from Dr. Granzow and his fantastic team of caregivers.”

“It is only by grace that I found you and have this gift of better health given to me.”

“Good morning! Today is extra special! I am back in my old comfy 7.5 SHOES! Truly a pic worth a 1000 words! Had to wear a 9.5 with lymphedema before my 2 surgeries. Thank you everyone for your loving care and talents. Hope this makes your Friday! Forever grateful!”

Elizabeth’s Results


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