Patty’s Story

Prior Surgery attempted elsewhere:
Left leg Sistrunk Procedure (direct excision of skin and soft tissue along entire inner leg from groin to ankle)

Surgery (Dr. Granzow):
Left leg Granzow SAPLSM

Patty lives in California and suffered from severe congenital lymphedema in the left leg for over 46 years. Prior to her Granzow SAPLSM surgery with Dr. Granzow, she had extensive soft tissue excision surgery elsewhere with no improvement. Prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, she was very concerned about her cellulitis infections. She suffered from eight episodes of cellulitis, five of which required hospitalization. After Granzow SAPLSM surgery, Patty is happy with her tremendously increased range of motion and flexibility and believes it is almost as good as the unaffected right leg. She is now enjoying her retirement at ease and no longer worries about cellulitis infections. Exercise is much easier for Patty and she is thrilled that she is fitting into normal clothes again.

At home before and after left leg SAPLSM surgery wearing same clothes, but now the pants fit!

“To say that lymphedema surgery changed my life is an understatement. There are so many things I now do with ease that were difficult or painful before surgery. Wearing clothes other than sweat pants has also been a wonderful gift from the surgery and I say a silent little ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Granzow every time I enjoy a long walk with a friend or shop for clothes that fit.”

Patty’s Results


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