The latest research in lymphedema surgery was presented this month during at the lymphedema surgery sessions of the 12th International National Lymphedema Network (NLN) in Dallas, Texas. Moderated by Dr. Jay Granzow, the sessions focused on effective surgery for lymphedema, a condition that can cause severe swelling in arms or legs after treatment for cancer.

Dr. Granzow pioneered the integration of lymphedema therapy and vascularized lymph node transplant (VLNT), lymphaticovenous anastomosis (LVA) and Granzow suction assisted protein lipectomy (Granzow SAPLSM) into the world’s first comprehensive lymphedema treatment system that integrates lymphedema surgeries and lymphedema therapy.

“There is no doubt that appropriate surgery can effectively treat lymphedema. What’s most important is that patients are evaluated as part of a complete lymphedema care that integrates lymphedema therapy with surgical procedures. To be most effective, surgeries such as must be properly matched to each patient’s individual condition. Lymphedema therapy complements the procedures and close integration of the lymphedema therapist from the very beginning will achieve the best outcomes possible.“