We Help Our Patients With Health Insurance Coverage

We understand that patients are worried whether they can afford surgery. The complexities of insurance coverage can be overwhelming and insurance denials can seem daunting. We have a dedicated advocacy team that assists patients in navigating the complexities of the insurance coverage process and obtaining the necessary approvals for surgery. We work closely with each patient so that they can afford the best care.

Currently, Dr. Granzow is not contracted with any insurance plan and is considered an out-of-network provider. For lymphedema surgeries, we are able to work with many U.S. private insurance plans. We are not able to work with insurance plans outside of the U.S. Insurance plans within the U.S. territories (i.e. Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands) are evaluated by our advocacy team on a case by case basis. Potential patients inquiring from U.S. Territories must also hold valid U.S. insurance coverage. We are unable to work with Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans and we cannot accept cash pay from such patients because Dr. Granzow is not a Medicare/Medicaid provider. For lipedema surgeries, we only accept cash pay and we do not work with insurance plans for coverage.

The U.S. healthcare insurance industry is dynamic and changes can occur rapidly, which leads to changes to the list of insurance plans that we are able to work with. Please contact our office for the most current information on insurance coverage and related issues.

Please contact our Center of Excellence so that we can provide additional information and answer your questions.

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