Amy Granzow In A Purple Dress Standing Outside In Front Of BuildingAs the Patient Advocate for Dr. Granzow’s office, Amy has successfully helped hundreds of patients in their appeals against insurance companies where they improperly denied coverage for lymphedema surgery. Amy is passionate about helping patients: “Every patient is important to me and I feel very strongly about helping patients fight against unjust and unfair denials from insurance companies. There is no proper basis for an insurance company claiming that lymphedema surgery is investigational or lacks medical necessity. Lymphedema patients suffer a real and debilitating medical condition and deserve the best treatment available. I’m dedicated to fighting along side every patient.”

Amy’s passion as Patient Advocate comes from the fact that she is a fierce advocate for her daughter, Cora, who suffers from a severe genetic disorder, Angelman Syndrome. Amy understands first hand the challenges and obstacles involving medical insurance and the tenacity required to face them.

Prior to joining Dr. Granzow’s office, Amy practiced aerospace and government contracts law for over 12 years. She served as Corporate Counsel for Northrop Grumman Corporation, Aerospace Sector, worked for an international law firm in Los Angeles and a women-owned law firm in Washington D.C., and interned with California and federal judges. Amy graduated from University of California, Hastings Law School and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California with the highest honor, summa cum laude.

Post Coffee Chat Grp Photo by Ning“Amy has been working so diligently with the insurance company and government offices to get the procedures authorized. It has been a long hard fought battle and we could not have been assigned a more caring and thoughtful person as Amy.”

“I’m glad she was on OUR side.”

“Amy Granzow fought relentlessly to overturn the insurance denials for my wife’s treatment. I am 100% certain this outcome was not possible without her expertise, dedication, and tenacity. We know patients of other surgeons who got virtually no support and now sadly, have exhausted their appeals. We are so fortunate to have had Amy Granzow as our advocate!”