Lipedema (also known as Lipoedema)

Dr. Granzow developed an integrated system for lipedema treatment that combines effective therapy and his unique lymphatic sparing LipisuctionSM surgery to provide the best results for patients suffering from lipedema. The LipisuctionSM surgery safely removes the excess fat while protecting the important lymphatic channels to prevent the possibility of lymphedema. Dr. Granzow believes in appropriate therapy before and after surgical treatment to provide the most effective treatment for the widest range of patient presentations.

Lipedema is often characterized by:

  • Excess accumulation of pathologic fat in the legs and arms
  • Fatty accumulations in the legs from the waist down to just above the ankle
  • Fatty accumulations that do not respond to standard weight loss methods
  • Fatty accumulations are often very painful
  • Occurs almost exclusively in women
  • Can occur women of all sizes, from very slender to very obese
  • Can occur together with or even cause lymphedema
  • Gait/walking problems can occur and worsen
  • Both sides typically are affected equally – in contrast to lymphedema where one side is worse than the other

As one of the most prestigious lymphedema surgeons in the world, Dr. Granzow’s expertise in lymphedema treatment is also crucial in treating lipedema patients who may also suffer from lymphedema. When needed, a combination of his FLOSM lymphedema treatment program and LipisuctionSM surgery provides the best treatment for affected patients. He uses his extensive knowledge of lymphatic anatomy and careful mapping of the lymphatic channels to maximize protection of these vital structures.

Indocyanine green laser imaging of lymphatic channels allows Dr. Granzow to map and preserve lymphatic channels during lipisuction.

All patients have different lipedema presentations and treatment requirements. Dr. Granzow thoroughly evaluates and treats each patient with his team to maximize each patient’s results.

Case Studies

9 Months After Lipisuction Surgery

9 Months After Lipisuction Surgery

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