Lymphedema Treatment and Surgery Using the Granzow SystemSM

Dr. Granzow is a lymphedema surgery pioneer and created the first truly integrated lymphedema surgery treatment system, known as the Granzow SystemSM. He has successfully treated hundreds of patients from all over the world who have experienced life-changing improvements. He is one of the world’s preeminent lymphedema surgeons and has been performing lymphedema surgery since 2005.

A comprehensive, integrated treatment approach is essential to produce the best outcomes for lymphedema treatment. Our office has successfully guided hundreds of patients through both the surgical treatment process and also the insurance claims process from start to finish.

Dr. Granzow and the Granzow SystemSM have:

  • Integrated the most advanced lymphedema surgeries including VLNT, LVA, and Granzow SAPLSM into a comprehensive system
  • Achieved consistent volume excess reductions of 86% to 111% in arms and legs
  • Reduced the need for compression garments
  • Reduced the need for lymphedema therapy
  • Achieved insurance coverage in most cases, taking care of our patients beginning with their first visit with us
  • Pioneered the use of different types of lymphedema surgery to reduce both volume and symptoms in the same patients using a unique, Granzow 2-phase systemSM
  • Published our proven results in the leading medical journals
  • Personalized service beginning with the first visit all the way through surgery and beyond
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The Granzow SystemSM

The Granzow SystemSM was the first system to truly incorporate lymphedema therapy and the different surgeries that effectively address both solid and fluid excess and swelling in lymphedema.

  • Conservative Lymphedema Therapy                    
  • Granzow SAPL™ Granzow Suction Assisted Protein LipectomySM
  • VLNT Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer
  • LVA Lymphaticovenous Anastomoses

The lymphedema disease process follows a consistent disease progression beginning with stage 0, then going to stage 1, and afterward stage 2. The most severe cases, if left untreated, can even progress to stage 3.

The fact is that no single procedure is effective for all cases of lymphedema. What makes the Granzow SystemSM unique is Dr. Granzow’s focus on matching the type of lymphedema treatment and surgery to each patient’s condition to produce the maximum effectiveness.

Consistent Reductions of Both Volume and Symptoms

VLNT, LVA and Granzow SAPLSM surgeries have been shown to be very effective in producing significant, long-term improvements in patients with lymphedema. Dr. Granzow was the first to describe successful Granzow 2-phaseSM combination of surgeries to treat chronic lymphedema. Dr. Granzow has consistently achieved both tremendous reductions in arm and leg sizes and the need for lymphedema therapy and compression garment use even in patients with late stage lymphedema.

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The Experience in Choosing the Right Procedure for Each Patient

In order for lymphedema surgery to be effective, a patient must be carefully evaluated and their precise lymphedema stage determined. Therefore, Dr. Granzow and his team take significant time to thoroughly evaluate each new patient and create an individualized treatment plan to achieve the best course of treatment and surgery.

The importance of matching the correct surgery with each patient’s disease process cannot be overemphasized. For example, as described in Lymphedema Stages, we have found that conservative lymphedema therapy, VLNT and LVA surgeries all can improve swelling caused by excess lymphatic fluid but cannot remove the lymphedema solids that accumulate later in the disease process. We have seen many examples of patients who had more advanced, stage 2 lymphedema whose lymphedema swelling was largely due to excess solid deposits and was treated elsewhere with VLNT and/or LVA surgery with minimal improvements. Use of the correct Granzow SAPLSM surgery in these cases brought about tremendous improvements. Dr. Granzow and his team thoroughly evaluate each new patient and create an individualized treatment plan to achieve the best course of treatment and surgery.

Integration of Lymphedema Therapy

Correct integration of lymphedema therapy before and after surgery is also essential for the best results. For example, Granzow SAPLSM surgery attempted without proper therapy integration will be unlikely to produce significant lasting improvements.

Amazing Results

Using the Granzow SystemSM, our patients have achieved:

  • Tremendous reduction or elimination of cellulitis / dangerous lymphedema infections
  • Average volume reductions of 86% to 111%
  • Significant improvement in lymphedema therapy effectiveness
  • Significant reduction in compression garment use
  • Significant improvements in symptoms and quality of life

In other words, the average size of the affected arm or leg of patients treated using the Granzow SystemSM has gone down to about the same size as the opposite, unaffected arm or leg, and the patients also have achieved tremendous reductions in symptoms and the need for lymphedema therapy and compression garment use. These results have been published in major medical journals.

The Granzow SystemSM Process

Treatment begins with a comprehensive visit to our Lymphedema Center. We review each patient’s story in detail, perform a specialized physical exam, create a custom treatment plan, and carefully discuss this and the imaging and treatment options with each new patient. We then extensively review each patient’s insurance and coverage options with them and map out the insurance coverage process. Please allow at least half a day for your initial evaluation at our office.

More Than Just Lymphedema Treatment

We provide both the highest quality medical care and also effectively navigate the complexities of the insurance process with all of our patients. Our trained and experienced staff, with the support of Amy Granzow, Esq., the Director of Patient Advocacy and attorney, are able to help our patients obtain insurance coverage in most cases.

For more information about available lymphedema treatment or surgery, contact us or browse through our before and after gallery to see the results of lymphedema treatment.

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