Cynthia’s Story

VLNT to Right leg

Cynthia was a substitute (guest) teacher from Nevada. She was misdiagnosed with cancer and underwent hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection in 2010. Shortly thereafter, she developed stage 1 lymphedema in her right leg. Dr. Granzow performed VLNT surgery in 2014 with great success. She had a 95% reduction in volume in her right leg and for the first time in 10 years Cynthia celebrated being able to travel on a plane without worrying about swelling.
She is also happy to be spending less time in physical therapy and using compression garments.

“Dr Granzow saved me! My story is different. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. They took 21 lymph nodes and never found cancer! Then lymphedema found me and I thought my life was over.”

“People have to know there is relief out there! I felt so alone when I was diagnosed. There weren’t any doctors to go to. I was alone!! Then I found Dr. Granzow. He is amazing! He never pushed me to have surgery. Saw him in the summer of 2012 and returned for a December 2014 surgery. Insurance company denied, we took it to the State of Nevada, Department of Insurance and won!!”

“It felt so good to get back to the pool and working on my tan! I was definitely a show off. Going to a Christmas Party without a garment gave me my femininity back! The picture by the train was taken at Death Valley. I was able to explore with my husband, on our anniversary. The picture of my thighs is being in love with them!! Lol”

Cynthia’s Results


After VLNT surgery, patient has greatly reduced need for compression garments, therapy or other modalities to maintain her leg.

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