Jane’s Story

VLNT to left axilla
Bilateral breast reconstructions with DIEP flaps

Jane is a breast cancer survivor from California and works as an engineer. After a mastectomy, lymph node dissection, chemotherapy and radiation treatment she developed Stage 1 lymphedema in her left arm. Prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, she experienced uncomfortable heaviness in her left arm and had a difficult time finding shirts that fit properly. Lymphedema significantly impacted her mentally and she struggled with depression and low self-esteem. Dr. Granzow performed VLNT surgery to the left axilla and bilateral breast reconstruction with abdominal DIEP tissue flaps. After these surgeries, the patient has significantly decreased swelling and compression garment use.

“Before I became a patient of Dr Granzow, finding any doctor with lymphedema expertise was impossible, and treatment was limited to physical therapy and compression. Not only did Dr. Granzow give me another treatment option with lymph node transfer, he also is a talented plastic surgeon who transformed my badly deformed post-cancer body. Before my surgery, I thought reconstructive surgery wouldn’t matter. After seeing Dr. Granzow’s work on ME, I realized how much I needed to look more normal. Even while I was still in the early post-surgery healing stages, I had a much stronger feeling of confidence and hope. And now, I barely even think about my lymphedema.”

Jane’s Results


After VLNT surgery, patient has greatly reduced need for compression garments, therapy or other modalities to maintain her arm.

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