Ritu’s Story

VLNT to Right axilla
Bilateral breast reconstructions with DIEP flaps

Ritu is a breast cancer survivor from California. She developed lymphedema in the right arm after bilateral mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, Ritu was particularly concerned about cellulitis infections and required significant compression garment use to control the lymphedema swelling. Dr. Granzow performed bilateral DIEP breast reconstructions with VLNT surgery in 2013. After these surgeries, Ritu is happy that she no longer is as anxious about infections, only wears a compression garment when she exercises and cooks and no longer requires lymphedema therapy.

“Cancer caused my lymphedema which affected my arm’s physical appearance and functionality. The reconstruction completely resolved the functional issue and made the physical appearance of the arm more attractive.”

Ritu’s Results


After VLNT surgery, patient has almost eliminated the need for compression garments and does not need therapy or other modalities to maintain her arm.

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