Bonnie’s Story

Surgery: Right leg LVAs

Bonnie lives in Colorado and has a successful career in marketing. She developed lymphedema in her right leg after a total abdominal hysterectomy, removal of lymph nodes and radiation therapy for treatment of uterine cancer. Prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, Bonnie was burdened with 20-30 hours of therapy and self-care every month and 24/7 compression garments. After LVA surgery with Dr. Granzow, she is happy to report that the need for therapy and self-care went down about 90%, and the need for compression garments also went down significantly.

“There was so very little help when I first got it in 2004, and not a single doctor who could or would monitor it or offer advice other than – and yes, this is a quote – “You’d better do something soon so you don’t have to wear those ugly thick stockings.” I finally was referred to a clinic to learn MLD, but there wasn’t anyone who did it professionally within a two-hour drive for another 3 years! Most days, I spent an hour or more every morning and then at least that at night, after my husband went to sleep, doing MLD on myself. Right now, I’m spending maybe 30-45 minutes a couple of days a week to stay ahead of it, since we’re all locked down. When that isn’t the case, I see a professional MLD therapist for a 2-hour session about once every 4-6 weeks and don’t often do any MLD on myself at all. You can imagine how appreciative I am of what Dr. Granzow did for me!”

Bonnie’s Results

1 week
55 weeks

After LVA surgery, dramatic reductions of symptoms, compression garment use and therapy occurred.

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