Christine’s Story

VLNT to right axilla
Bilateral DIEP flap breast reconstructions

Herself the daughter of a police officer, Christine proudly served her community as a LAPD police officer for decades. She had breast cancer and developed lymphedema in her right arm after a radical mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. The swelling in her hands and fingers became so severe that she could not use her gun. She was devasted and was fearful she could not continue to serve as a police officer. Dr. Granzow performed breast reconstruction with abdominal DIEP Flap and VLNT to the right axilla. After her surgery, the lymphedema swelling resolved and did not return. Christine was able to return to her police officer duties and use her gun effectively. Ten years after her surgeries, she is symptom-free and enjoying her active life.

“Dr. Granzow we have an anniversary to celebrate. On 02/09/2009 you performed lymph node transfer surgery on me and my life has been changed forever. Ten years later I’m still hiking, cycling, kayaking and seeing the world. I have had zero complications and am forever grateful to you!”

Christine’s Results

After VLNT surgery, patient no longer needs compression garments, therapy or other modalities to maintain her arm.

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