John’s Story

Phase 1: Right leg Granzow SAPLSM
Phase 2: Right leg VLNT, LVAs

John is a high school teacher and football coach from Oklahoma. For many years, he struggled with Stage 2 congenital lymphedema. Growing up as an athlete, John was very frustrated that his lymphedema caused difficulty with mobility and exercise. Prior to seeing Dr. Granzow, John had failed multiple treatments without any real improvement. Before his lymphedema surgeries with Dr. Granzow, he had trouble standing for long periods of time, especially when he was teaching and coaching. After his successful lymphedema surgeries, John’s wife noticed he approaches life differently. John is happier, more active and no longer struggles with his lymphedema.

“The picture on the left is before my SAPLSM procedure and the picture on the right was two weeks ago (in 110 degree heat as well). Not just that but I’m also down in weight to 198 from 220 prior to the first procedure. Can’t thank you enough!”

“I’d seen a lot of doctors. Just him walking in and being the way he was and being confident about what he could do – at that moment my wife and I felt very confident in him.”

“I would recommend Dr. Granzow to anyone – my closest friends, my closest family members or just anyone out there who is struggling with not knowing what’s out there as an option.”

John’s Results


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