Kimm’s Story

Prior Surgery attempted elsewhere:
Left leg LVAs

Surgeries (Dr. Granzow):
Phase 1: Left leg Granzow SAPLSM
Phase 2: Left leg VLNT, LVAs

Kimm is a passionate advocate in the lymphedema community from Minnesota. She was forced to give up photography after 17 years of debilitating lymphedema. She developed stage 2 lymphedema in her left leg after a radical hysterectomy with removal of 36 lymph nodes for treatment of cervical cancer. Before seeing Dr. Granzow, she had LVA surgery attempted elsewhere without improvement. Dr. Granzow performed Granzow SAPLSM, VLNT and LVA surgeries that were successful to treat her severe lymphedema. With more mobility and less time wearing her garments, she is able to enjoy an active life and photography again.

Before Surgery

“When I saw this photo of myself today I realized again how much my life has changed since all of my surgeries with you, not just physically but mentally. I lost myself in this disease for many years, and as I have said before…I will keep thanking you over and over again.”

“I have enjoyed a full day at the beach compression free, pain free and SO happy!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Feeling on the top of the world: Post Granzow SAPLSM, VLNT and LVAs, Kimm took a 22- hour long flight to Cape Town South Africa and climbed to the top of Table Mountain! For the first time in years, I do not feel afraid – if anything I feel stronger and more determined than ever to live a full, active and healthy life.”

“Look what I got on today!! My skinny jeans and rain boots!!! Never thought I would put these rain boots on again!! I’m SO happy!! Thank you so much!!!!”

Kimm’s Results


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